Are They Ostriches, or are They Playing Br’er Rabbit in the Briar Patch?


My post about Greeks bearing gifts—in reference to John Bolton’s possible testimony—has elicited some support for the view that Republicans are acting like Br’er Rabbit in the briar patch, secretly yearning for Bolton to appear while pretending to fear what he has to say.

But Neal Katyal and George Conway say the fear is real. I think their view makes more sense.

And then there is the question of how this interacts with the Iran crisis. If Bolton loved Trump when it looked like he was starting a war, will he still love Trump if Putin yanks him in sensitive spot and tells Trump not to start a war?

I don’t think so.

Thank You, Mr. President! Signed: Love and Kisses, Jones Day

briar patch

Don McGhan, former White House counsel, shivved Trump in his testimony to the Special Counsel. McGhan has now returned to his day job: partner at Jones Day.

In retaliation, Trump has decided to “pay back” Jones Day by cutting back his campaign’s legal expenditures with the firm.  “’Why in the world would you want to put your enemy on the payroll?’ said one adviser close to the White House.”

Jones Day’s economic success depends on its ability to keep on recruiting high quality cannon fodder to replenish the 2,500 lawyers in its 43 offices. And, trust me, a reputation of being in the can for Donald Trump is going to do nothing positive toward recruiting the best and the brightest new lawyers. (It might attract some of the worst kind of Young Republican twerps, but those are not the kinds of people you want.)

Trump’s retaliation is a huge favor for Jones Day.