When the Bough Breaks the Cradle Will Fall

This evening Jonathan Bernstein, a columnist at Bloomberg Opinion, discusses how Trump Is Losing His Influence. To sum up,

I’m not predicting anything. Just noting some obvious facts. The incentives for supporting Trump that have held since his election have suddenly become a lot weaker. In mid-July of 1974, President Richard Nixon could still count on virtually every conservative Republican in Congress to oppose his impeachment and removal, even if they weren’t exactly thrilled with him. By early August, he had only a handful of supporters remaining. That’s not to say that Trump’s support will necessarily evaporate — just that if it does, it could happen extremely quickly, perhaps in days. And nice, reliable, normal Mike Pence will be sitting right there.

Sounds about right to me. I have gone out on a limb several times to predict that Mike Pence will be our 46th President—after lots Republican politicians come begging senators of both parties to get on board with impeachment.

In the meantime, things are getting hotter and hotter for Orange Man. The craven time-servers among the empty-suited Republican professional politicians will cravenly serve time and wait for the denoument of the Mueller investigation. As the days go on, it will become ever more evident that, while they aren’t denouncing Orange Man, they aren’t affirmatively supporting him either. Ditto for the Acting Attorney General. Ditto for the Federalist Society judges. It will dawn on the Orange Man that his peeps are no longer his peeps. He will freak out. Faux News will freak out. And, one fine day, just like in August, 1974, the wind will blow him out of the tree.

How Did the Baby Get in the Tree in the First Place? And Does it Matter How He Got in the Tree?

The old nursery rhyme is surreal and disturbing, and it poses a lot of questions. Why did someone hang the cradle from a weak limb at the top of the tree, and then leave it there on a windy day? That seems like a rally bad idea, doesn’t it?

Kind of like the question, why did all those empty suits accept the Orange Sociopath in the first place?

But at a certain point, questions like that become moot. There is is, up in the tree, rocking from side to side, ever higher, as the wind’s velocity increases.

There he is. And the laws of physics determine his fate.

Tokyo Rose with a Smart Phone

The nursery rhyme also invites, but does not answer, the question, what happened to the baby? Probably nothing good.

In the case of Orange Man, I think Air Force One is going to whisk him off to his new dacha on the Black Sea, where, like Tokyo Rose with a smart phone, he will spend the remainder of his days tweeting out Russian propaganda.