On Aristotelian Logic, Sound Defense Strategery, and Trump’s World-Historical Genius


Either A or Not-A

Aristotle teaches that a thing is either A or not-A. Permit me to give these examples.

Example 1: Dolly is either a sheep or she is not a sheep.

Example 2: Nixon was either a crook or he was not a crook.

Example 3: The object in my hand is either a pipe or it is not a pipe.

Example 4: There either was a Ukrainian quid pro quo or there was no quid pro quo.

Trump’s World-Historical Genius

Aristotle, who was plainly an idiot, taught that he “law of non-contradiction” was based on considerations of logic, of psychology, and of ontology.

But Trump, world-historical genius that he is, has far transcended mere logic, psychology, and ontology, and knows that the Ukrainian quid pro quo can both exist and not exist at one and the same time. That is to say, the quid pro quo applies fully in the case of the United States’ relation with Ukraine. Whereas the concept has no application whatsoever to considerations of presidential wrongdoing or possible impeachment.

Sound Defense Strategery

Regrettably, mere mortals cannot comprehend the depth of Trump’s world-historical genius and its transcendence of mere logic, psychology, and ontology. Mere mortals live in an Aristotelian world where a thing is still either A or not-A.

If Trump would let himself be represented by competent counsel, competent counsel would immediately grasp that ceci n’est pas un quid is not going to fly as a defense to impeachment. You gotta pick column A or column not-A.

Obviously, you would like to pick column not-A: there was no quid pro quo, and them who say different are a bunch of lying Democrats.

But it appears there is what we of the defense bar used to call a slight problem: the evidence overwhelmingly shows there was in fact a quid pro quo.

That being the case, competent defense counsel would conclude they have to pick column A, lest their client be crucified as a lying liar with his pants on fire.

And having picked column A, they would just make the best argument they could make, all things considered.

A World-Historical Genius Under a Compulsion to Deny Himself the Effective Assistance of Counsel

Alas and alack, an occupational hazard associated with being a world-historical genius is the extreme inability to think like a more mortal. As a consequence, it appears that Trump is acting under an irresistible compulsion to deny himself the effective assistance of counsel.

Suing for “Liable”: An Aristotelian Analysis

trial of Oscar Wilde

The New York Times has come up with spicy new stuff on Brett Kavanaugh’s penis and its experiences at Yale. In response, President Shit for Brains has urged Justice Kavanaugh to sue for “liable.”

I assume that Justice Kavanaugh will not in fact bring an action for defamation. Even if he is innocent, the suit would probably be dismissed under the constitutional rule announced in New York Times v. Sullivan. And, besides that, he’s probably guilty. As Oscar Wilde found out, if you are in fact guilty, it’s very unwise to bring an action for defamation.

But let us, nevertheless, perform a little thought experiment about the Trump tweet.

By Aristotelian logic, after having been advised by the Very Stable Genius to seek a legal remedy, Justice Kavanaugh either

  • WILL NOT accept the advice, or
  • WILL accept the advice.

If Justice Kavanaugh does not take the advice, then the logical effect of Trump’s tweets will be to cause Trump followers to doubt Kavanaugh’s innocence.

But if Justice Kavanaugh does take the advice, then he bears some risk that a court might allow the case to proceed, despite the Sullivan rule, in which event all the actors in penisgate, including himself, and all the witnesses, will have to testify. Which, in turn, would give the Democrats a golden opportunity to try to impeach him.

Given all the above, I think we progressives may, on this one occasion, celebrate Trump’s advice and urge Justice Kavanaugh to seek legal redress, immediately if not sooner.

In short, Justice Kavanaugh, man up.