Unmoored, Drifting Toward Dictatorship

I don’t know how this situation ends. I do know that I’m glad I am an old man, not a young man. I know that rending your garments, and then burying your head in the sand, will not help. And, most important, I grasp that the first step toward a proper remedy for this hot mess—if there is a remedy to be had—if a proper understanding of the cause of the hot mess.

The Underlying Cause

The cause lies not in the personality disorders of Donald Trump, nor in Bill Barr and whatever it is that has made him take leave of his senses.

The cause of our present drift toward autocracy lies in the fact that a good portion of our population has come to believe two things:

  • that they are sliding off a demographic slope that will soon keep them from winning any more elections, and that
  • losing to the other side will be disastrous to all they hold dear.

Based on those two premises, they have reasoned that if democracy will produce disastrous results, then they must embrace autocracy instead.

Who Has Embraced this Autocratic Project?

We know the answer: generally speaking, the rural rather than the urban and suburban population; people who live in poor areas rather than people in economically productive areas; people with less education rather than people with more education; white people rather than non-white people; men rather than women.

Will the Urban and Suburban Population, the Educated Population, the Non-White Population, and the Women Accept Dictatorship without a Fight?

No, they will not.

Will the FBI, the CIA, the Justice Department, and the Foreign Service Accept Dictatorship without a Fight?

No, they will not.

And How Will the Plutocracy and the Corporate Elite React?

Well, to begin with, we may assume that most of them will view this from the standpoint of monetary self-interest, not morality. And, sitting in the board room of a Fortune 500 company, it may seem tempting to embrace a corrupt, autocratic, “business friendly” regime. Some will succumb to the temptation.

But from a larger perspective, there is a grievous cost to be paid for joining in an attempt by the least educated and the least productive people in the nation, to step on the throats of the best educated and the most productive part of the population.

Such a thing is not really good for business.

2018 and 2020

These kinds of choices were beginning to become clear in the 2018 elections.

As 2020 rolls around, the Hogwarts sorting hat will go into overtime.

There will be more and more Nuremberg rallies. Probably one or two every day.

There will be, as Ed Sullivan used to say, a Really Big Shew going on in the Senate.

There will be a time of reckoning.


This is my first post of the day. So, it’s gratifying that I already have readers from Georgia (the country), Kenya, India, Mauritius, New Zealand, Pakistan, the Philippines, Tanzania, and the United States. Please pray for us.