The Train Roars Through Gender Gap


“The Opposition to Kavanaugh Can Be Emotional”

Bloomberg reports,

When it comes to Kavanaugh, voters are split, especially between men and women. Women, by 15 percentage points, think Kavanaugh should not be confirmed (26 percent yes, 41 percent no), according to an Economist/YouGov poll of 1,500 adults taken earlier this week. Men, meanwhile, narrowly back his confirmation, 41 percent to 36 percent. Support for Kavanaugh’s nomination had already dropped to less than half among Republican women, according to a Morning Consult/Politico poll, before Thursday’s hearing.

The opposition to Kavanaugh can be emotional.

You don’t say!

I am so tired.

The train is very, very urgent. It is moving a man’s career forward. It is very difficult to get the train to stop.

The presumption is that the train will not stop. The presumption is that you will be a scream thrown on the tracks. That it will require a great many of you to be thrown onto the tracks before the train will grind to a halt. It can never be just the one; it must be several at once. Someday we will know the precise conversion. We will tell them: Do not bother unless there are 20 others like you, because the train will continue, and you will be crushed. …

To make the train stop, you must throw yourself in front. Your whole self. Your fear of flying. Your family.

You must throw yourself in front of the train, but still it may not be enough. These trains move very fast. We must not ask why. …

In the Bible, Thomas says he will not believe what Jesus has survived unless he can stick his hand into the wounds. But this is not a reasonable thing to ask of someone who is not God, to stick your hand into their wound. I am tired of watching people become wounds. Half the Internet is a wound. Have you stuck your hand in it enough? …

Even as she testified Thursday, Christine Blasey Ford kept apologizing. (“I’m sorry,” she said. “I can read fast!” she said. She was here to be “helpful,” she said.)

Someday I want to not be tired.
Someday I want us not to apologize.

Women are used to squinting to see our own stories in the stories of others. To reading ourselves into the words “all men are created equal.” To being the thing tied to the tracks to raise the stakes.

Alexandra Petri, It is very difficult to get the train to stop