Color Me Terrified


I want to turn once more to the New Hampshire numbers—viewed in the context of the many news stories, e.g., this one, describing Trump’s massive, fearsome, get-out-the-primary-vote efforts, intended, like the Nuremberg rallies, to make the Democrats quiver in fear.

So, ladies and gentlemen, let us paint by the numbers.

296,622 folks voted in the New Hampshire Democratic primary. 151,602 voted in the New Hampshire Republican primary, and 85.6 percent of them voted for Trump.

Adding up the two numbers primary numbers, my calculator says that total New Hampshire primary voters were 448,224.

129,696, or 28.9 percent of total N.H. primary voters, voted for Trump.

The other 71.1 percent voted for NOT TRUMP.

After the Nuremberg rallies.

After the massive, fearsome, scary Trump propaganda onslaught.

Color me terrified.


Oops. I seem to be channeling Rachel Maddow, in my tone of voice. Could do worse, though.


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