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Aardvark-endorsed Friday reads:

Susan Glasser, The Secret Post-Alabama Fantasy of the Anti-Trump G.O.P. Establishment.

The gist: their dream is that Trump doesn’t run in 2020, and that Steve Bannon and his merry band crawl back under the rocks where they came from.

Michael Gerson, To Save the GOP, Republicans Have to Lose.

“This is the sad logic of Republican politics today: The only way that elected Republicans will abandon Trump is if they see it as in their self-interest. And the only way they will believe it is in their self-interest is to watch a considerable number of their fellow Republicans lose.”

Joe Scarborough, Newtonian Physics Will Crush the GOP.

The gist: Trump has so offended women, the college educated, suburbanites, and the college educated, that they are not, in the foreseeable future, vote for Republicans in large enough numbers for Republicans to win elections. The party’s over.

Aardvark’s Opinion, For What It’s Worth

In the 1960’s the party of plutocracy elected to embrace the party of racial and cultural reaction, and the party of racial and cultural reaction elected to return the plutocrats’ affection—each side understanding, correctly, that, separate and apart, the plutocrats and the racists were each bound to lose, but together, they might just win, at least some of the time.

The happy result, for the plutocrats, was the Reagan presidency.

In 2016, faced with Trump, the plutocrats first held their noses, but then, in their blind greed, embraced Trump as he rose in the polls—in the fond hope that they had found the ultimate snake oil salesman who could sell America on their program to immiserate the masses and increase economic inequality to new heights. Afflicted with mind-numbing cupidity, the plutocrats overlooked the fact that Trump is an actual crazy person, not to mention a traitor.

The Alabama election was of the first order of importance, but it was by no means the biggest political event of December. The watershed moment of this month will be the fate of the tax bill.

If the tax bill passes, the marriage of racists and plutocrats will be sorely stressed, and 2018 will be a very interesting year.

If the tax bill fails, the unholy union of cultural reaction and rampant plutocracy will be revealed for all to see as the sham marriage that it is. The divorce will be irreparable, and holy hell will break loose.

A Song by and for Alabama Young Republicans

It was Karl Marx who observed that history always repeats itself, the first time as tragedy, the second as farce. But I am afraid that some prefer their historical repetition to involve farce on both occasions.

The surprising, yet highly welcome, events in Alabama have engendered a nostalgic feeling in Aardvark. So here is a song to remind all Alabamans and former Alabamans of their proud heritage.

Folsom supporters claimed—and I’m sure they were right—that this song was written by the Young Republican Club of Dothan, Alabama—all two of them