Voter Fraud = When Black Folks Vote


Depicted above are valiant freedom fighters defending against voter fraud.

A large slice of America believes, sincerely, that black people, or at least most of them are stupid; so, if they are voting in large numbers, that must be because they were led like sheep to the polls. This, in their minds, is voter fraud. Mr. Political Idiot Savant reads their minds, and reflects their views back at them. He shares their anger at this most unjust state of affairs. That is a big reason why they love him, and he loves them back.

From Talking Points Memo:

Trump’s Basis For Voter Fraud Paranoia? ‘Look At What Is Registering’

… “We also need to keep the ballot box safe from illegal voting,” Trump said. “Believe me, you take look at what is registering, folks — they like to say,
Oh, Trump Trump Trump… take a look at what is registering.'”

It is unclear exactly what Trump meant by “what is registering,” but his White House Press Secretary said Wednesday that the investigation will focus on “urban areas.”

The Litigators’ Full Employment Act of 2017


Because so much shit is hitting so many fans this week, it’s not surprising that important stuff gets overlooked. One is that Trump’s base-pleasing multi-act promise-keeping-via-executive-order White House show will be an enormous boon to the litigation industry.

This morning the friendly folks over at the American Bar Association Journal have helpfully summarized one aspect of this in their post, Scalia opinion on EPA regulations could block Trump’s Wall.

Evidently Trump plans (insofar as you can say he plans anything) to rely on something called the Secure Fence Act of 2006 to avoid the need for new legislation to pay for his beautiful wall. But

The Secure Fence Act authorizes the secretary of homeland security to take actions to secure the border that are “necessary and appropriate.” That language, like the Clean Air Act language, requires consideration of cost, according to the op-ed by law professors Daniel Hemel, Jonathan Masur and Eric Posner. And the cost-benefit analysis does not favor the wall, they conclude.

Trump has said his wall could cost $8 billion, but other estimates have put the cost at $15 billion to $25 billion, the professors say. As for the benefits, the wall won’t stop the majority of immigrants in the country illegally, because they are in the country by overstaying their visas. And the wall won’t stop smugglers from tunneling underneath. ,,,

If the wall does work, the economic effects of reducing immigrants in the country illegally would likely be zero or negative, the op-ed says. That’s because such immigrants pay taxes, spend money and enhance American productivity.

Thus, an opinion by the late but unlamented Antonin Scalia may block the executive order.

For more legal humor you might check out this post from the ABA Journal: Lawyer is reprimanded for pretending to gag during prosecutor questioning of witness

It’s a Snowy Day in Hell: Jonathan Chait is Wrong, Jennifer Rubin is Right


A Delusional Goofball, Not a Koch Brothers/Paul Ryan Sock Puppet

Aardvark enjoys reading Jonathan Chait, benefits from his insight, and stands in awe of his erudition and progressive fervor. Occasionally, however, Atlas shrugs. Yesterday Chait advised us that The Fight for the Soul of the Reopublican Party Has Been Canceled. After a meandering discussion of Trump’s singular inaugural speech, the role of Andrew Jackson in American history, and other topics, Chait concluded, “Far from being at odds with the agenda of a party allied with entrenched wealth, that populist style [of McCarthy, Wallace, Palin, and Trump] is the best way to lend that agenda mass appeal. We should stop seeing Trumpism as a challenge to the GOP and instead understand it as the party’s natural historical evolution.”

But today Jennifer Rubin—she of the burning passion for Mitt Romney—lets us in on the secret that Trump isn’t opn the same page as Ryan. He’s not even in the same library. Rubin writes,

Ryan may be heartened by hearing, The President wants tax reform. That means nothing. One cannot tell if Congress and Trump are on the same page until Trump knows what he wants, and Ryan will never get a definitive answer until Trump either supports what Congress produces or declares it “stupid” or a “loser.” Trump wants crowds, “wins,” acclaim, respect and adulation; what legislative product he gets matters only insofar as it provides him with emotional sustenance. …

To state the obvious, Ryan’s agenda is not Trump’s agenda. The things that motivate Trump are the wall, massive voter fraud and other shiny objects that his low-information base delights in. Trump devotes time to the things that matter to him, and this week demonstrates amply that trivial, fictional and personal issues matter. If he waves his hand and tells Ryan, Whatever you guys have is good, that’s no sign of agreement, or even interest. Lawmakers should understand that they really have no idea where Trump is on the details that matter.

They will spend months working on issues as Trump heckles from the sidelines, never supporting them when the heat rises. The sooner lawmakers grasp this, the more intelligent choices they can make about prioritizing objectives.

Meanwhile, at the Washington Monthly, Nancy LeTourneau asks, Are Republicans Starting to Recognize Trump’s Mental Instability? Good question.

And Martrin Longman, channeling Aardvark—or, more likely, it’s the other way around—laments,

Whatever this is, it’s not sanity. This isn’t some crazy like a fox cunning aimed at distracting us while Trump steals our lunch. It’s out-and-out racist-drunk-at-the-end-of-the-bar insanity. In fact, Cliff Clavin look reliable in comparison.

The media is treating this with appropriate astonishment. They’re really not sugarcoating it except that they’re not willing, like me, to come out and call this man exactly what he is, which is critically, urgently, unfit for office.

He must go soon.


Aardvark has checked his WordPress stats and welcomes back his Russian readers. Are you suffering buyers’ remorse yet?

Making American Foreign Relations Great Again

Mexican president cancels Trump meeting in Washington

“But Trump said it was a mutual decision to call off the meeting as tensions rise over his plan for a border wall.”

Sure it was.

Trump administration chooses to replace senior State Department diplomats

“When Rex Tillerson is confirmed as secretary of state next week, he will face an unusual leadership vacuum after several career Foreign Service officers were informed that they will not be asked to stay on in senior or sensitive posts that are under direct White House control.”

Why Progressives Should Support an Investigation of Trump’s Bogus Voter Claims


Aardvark has claimed that Trump was born in Belarus, but does not support an investigation of the tremendous controversy surrounding that claim.

But there are three reasons why progressives should support an investigation of Minority President Trump’s delusional claim concerning the five million illegal Hillary voters—and then do all they can to ensure that the investigation is fair and objective.

One of those reasons is not that investigation will prove to Trump’s satisfaction that he was wrong. That will not happen.

1. Opposing an investigation makes it look like you’re hiding something.

It will tend to reinforce delusions about illegal voting shared by a good slice of Trump’s base.

2. Supporting an investigation will show that you have nothing to fear, and may give an opportunity to ensure that it is fair.

3. Fear of new voter suppression does not justify opposition to an investigation.

On the voter suppression issue, progressives are paranoids who have actual enemies, so the paranoia is understandable. That said, you need to be as reasonable as you can be about your fears.

Trump’s bogus claim about the five million illegal voters is certainly a valid reason to fear that evil may be afoot. But Trump didn’t stop there. He also called for an investigation.

Think it through. Either there will be an investigation of there won’t be. If there is no investigation, then we have a talking point about how the lying bastard was afraid to seek the true facts.

If, on the other hand, there is an investigation, then either (a) it will show the claim to be bogus or (b) it will be a ridiculous flight of fantasy, such a put up job that everyone except those of the meanest intelligence will see through it.

I don’t think we have anything to lose.