Wooden Melania

wooden Melania

It is hard to know what to make of the new chainsaw sculpture of Melania, just unveiled in her home town in Slovenia. The Guardian has full coverage.

Perhaps her former neighbors were just proud of her work as First Lady.

First Lady Melania

Anyway, thanks to my posse for bringing this important artistic development to our attention. And thanks to all of today’s readers, including the person from Uzbekistan.

Johnny Holds This Truth to be Self-Evident

Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 8.48.39 AM

One of my high school classmates—I’ll call him Johnny—posted this odd message on the class Facebook page.

The first thing I need to say is that Johnny is not my enemy, but even if he were, I would still love him.

But trying to lay out an objective analysis of someone’s thinking is not an act of enmity or hatred. It is just an attempt at objective analysis.

So, as I said, the first thing that might strike you about Johnny’s message is that it’s weird. As if someone said, “I was afraid to tell the salesman my shoe size because he might think I’m a racist.”

Or, “Your barbeque sauce recipe is really good, but be sure not to share it, because someone is bound to call you a racist.”

Don’t make no cotton-pickin’ sense.

There was some suggestion among my posse that maybe Johnny is not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. Well, that’s as may be, but dig deeper by one layer and you will immediately see that, in fact, the message makes perfect sense.

Because Johnny lives, mentally, in an “America” that holds this truth to be self-evident:

That all men are NOT created equal.

And, men aside, don’t get him started on the little women.

And because THIS is the “America” of Johnny’s patriotic emotions, it’s perfectly clear why loving “America” is strong evidence of racist leanings.


Democratic candidate for US President Kamala Harris, Oakland, USA - 27 Jan 2019

CNN Poll: Harris and Warren rise and Biden slides after first Democratic debates

Politico, Harris allies see sexism and desperation in Biden camp backlash

I am not paid by the word—in fact, I am not paid at all. So I have no reason to spin this out, beyond three very brief, and very fundamental, points.

Point One. Joe Biden is a nice guy, but he is too damn old to be president and too damn old to run for president.

Trust me on this one. Take it from an old guy, but one who is not quite as old as Biden.

Point Two. Joe Biden royally screwed up two prior presidential runs. Children, in a world of great uncertainty, here’s something you can take to the bank: if you screwed it up twice already, you are probably going to screw it up again.

Point Three. Kamala is a brilliant prosecutor and debater. Her debate performance was no fluke. It was no accident. It was no flash in the pan. If you are a brilliant prosecutor and debater, then you are going to filet your next victim the same way you skewered your last opponent. You will do it again. And again. And again.

The Donald is said to be scared of her. That shows that, despite everything, the man has a certain animal cunning, a certain insight for self-protection.

One of my posse asked whether Trump might just skip the presidential debates. I think he will do that very thing.

More Midnight Reading

As I write, we are nigh upon the stroke of midnight. If you are still up and want some sweet dreams, try these two reads.

Rachel Bitecofer, With 16 Months to go, Negative Partisanship Predicts the 2020 Presidential Election

Yes, and according to the author, it also predicts that the Democrats will win 278 electoral votes and the Republicans, 197.

You may be the kind of person who is inclined to scoff at this type of analysis. Do feel free to scoff away, to your heart’s content. But, just for a fun parlor game, read Dr. Bitecofer’s analysis and explain to yourself exactly where you think she’s wrong.

Eugene Robinson, Never Trumpers have a decision to make

Enjoy a good belly laugh, along with Eugene, as he chortles over all those Never Trumpers who have taken to their fainting couches, aghast at the prospect that the Democratic Party might nominate an actual Democrat to run for president.

A Fallacious Article about a Purported Fallacy

Karen Heller, The battle for Alabama’s soul

Greg Weiner, The Trump Fallacy: Despite what some of the president’s supporters think, you cannot celebrate his policies and ignore his poor behavior.

Dr. Weiner teaches political science at Assumption College. I fear that his article contains some incorrect assumptions. Or so it seems to me.

Weiner’s thesis is that, even if you’re the type of person who grooves to tax cuts for the wealthy and who swoons at the thought of more Federalist Society justices, you should still condemn Trump’s bad behavior. Because, so he argues, all those wonderful (in your assumed conservative view) things could have been accomplished without the obnoxious behavior.

My answer: well, anything is possible. But it has become pretty clear that the bad behavior is central to Trump’s enduring support among many of his base.

So, no, these days you really don’t have an ice cube’s chance in hell of getting the Richie Rich tax cuts and the wingnut justices unless you have the racism too.

Dr. Weiner might want to read Karen Heller’s article on Alabama’s soul.

I have thought a lot about racism. Doesn’t necessarily mean my conclusions are correct. But I have thought about it a lot. I used to think that my ancestors mistreated black people because my ancestors were racist. Nowadays, I’m more inclined to think they became hardened racists because they treated black people so badly. A little release from cognitive dissonance, y’all.

Black people, or at least a lot of them, are still paying a terrible price for slavery. But so are a lot of the ancestors of the enslavers—who feel some compulsion to secede from the modern world. Who are the perfect victims of Trump’s con game.