One Can Hope

From Axios this morning:

Post-Trump Republican Party has been gutted in almost every way imaginable – Axios

Jim VandeHei6 hours ago – Politics & Policy

Republicans will emerge from the Trump era gutted financially, institutionally and structurally.

The big picture: The losses are stark and substantial.

    • They lost their congressional power.
    • Their two leaders, Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy, are hamstrung by corporate blacklisting of their election-denying members.
    • The GOP brand is radioactive for a huge chunk of America.
    • The corporate bans on giving to the 147 House and Senate Republicans who voted against election certification are growing and virtually certain to hold.
    • The RNC is a shell of its former self and run by a Trump loyalist.
    • Democrats crushed them in fundraising when they were out of power. Imagine their edge with it.
    • Sheldon Adelson, the party’s biggest donor, died Monday.
    • The NRA is weaker than it has ever been, after massive leadership scandals.
    • The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, once controlled by rock-ribbed Republicans, also gave to Democrats in 2020.
    • Rank-and-file Republicans are now scattered on encrypted channels like Signal and fearful of Big Tech platforms. 

What to watch: Conservatives hold power in the courts and state legislatures, two foundational pieces to rebuilding their party. But they likely will face a raging internal war over policies and political leaders as they grapple with a post-Trump world — whenever that might be.