And Quiet Flows the Chattahoochee

Back in November, 2,462,617 Georgians voted for Perdue. They represented 49.73 percent of the electorate. Meanwhile, 2,374,519, or 47.95 percent, exercised their franchise for Ossoff. One Shane Hazel, proudly carrying the banner of the Libertarian Party garnered, the remaining 2.32 percent..

One might have expected that, with Mr. or Ms. Hazel, as the case may be, out of the picture, the Libertarian vote would shift to the Republican side, and that Perdue would thus defeat Ossoff by about four percent.

One would have been wrong.

As of a few minutes ago, Ossoff is ahead, 50.19 percent to 49.81 percent. The remaining votes are expected to trend Democratic.

What happened?

What was going on with all that water flowing under the bridge between November and now?

You may wish to check out this excruciating statistical analysis by Philip Bump.

Several factors played a big role. Black folks in the Black Belt turned out. A fair number of Trump’s voters believed his lies and drew the obvious conclusion: ne reason to vote in a rigged election. But I think we are going to find out that the final straw was this: