Fun Facts about the Dictatorship Caucus

This afternoon brings news that a dozen United States senators will oppose counting all the electoral votes on January 6. Their theatrical performance will fail, but probably not until some time on January 7. As I said in a previous post, have your beer and popcorn handy.

Fun fact number one is that, as of this writing, we have not heard from Senator Loeffler or Senator Purdue. Senator Loeffler is on an especially hot seat. Purdue’s six year term will run out tomorrow, and his seat will be vacant until Georgia certifies the results of the runoff election. Loeffler, on the other hand, will still be a senator on January 6. Going with the overthrow-the-election crowd would be popular with the majority of her base, but unpopular with a non-trivial minority of them.

Another fun fact, at least to me, is that Oklahoma and Tennessee are the only two states where both senators endorse overthrowing the election. Other present members of the Dictatorship Caucus come from the following states: Alabama, Indiana, Kansas, Montana, Texas, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. Thus, in Alabama, Indiana, Kansas, Montana, Texas, Wisconsin, and Wyoming, supporters of sedition found support in only one senator, not two.

Here is the last fun fact. Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin is a proud member of the Sedition Caucus. Joe Scarborough has said, rightly, that Senator Johnson is so dumb that he would be well advised not to operate a toaster. Senator Johnson is up for reelection in 2022. A majority of his state went for Biden in 2020.