Trump to the American People: DROP DEAD!

WaPo, Mnuchin’s loyalty to Trump could end with painful setback as president shreds stimulus deal: Democrats and Republicans had thought Mnuchin was speaking for the president in negotiating the $908 billion pact, but Trump quickly called it a ‘disgrace’

Graybeard pundits are still saying that Trump will sign the covid bill and the government funding bill. I hope he does.

Or he could veto them.

My intuition is that he will employ the pocket veto, which means there will be a government shutdown and no covid funding through the adjournment of the current Congress on January 3.

The new Congress will begin that same day, January 3, and they can pass whatever laws they want to pass, and we will be back in the same boat.

Fun Facts about the Georgia Senate Seats

Here are some bonus fun facts. According to a reliable source, David Perdue’s six-year Senate term ends when the current Congress adjourns on January 3. Thereafter, the seat he now occupies will be vacant until the results of the Georgia runoff are certified—probably several days after the election on January 5. By contrast, Ms. Loeffler was appointed to fill a seat whose term expires in January, 2023. So, when the new Congress meets on January 3, 2021, she will still be there, even though Perdue will be gone, at least for a few days.

In sum, for the first few days of the new term—including the ceremonial electoral vote counting on January 6, as well as any necessary debates on covid relief and government funding—the Republicans will be down one senator. There will be 48 Democrats (counting the independents who vote with Democrats) and 49 Republicans.

This will give Senator Loeffler a golden opportunity to choose between the constitutional republic and Dear Leader. Gotta choose Column A or Column B; can’t do both.