Like a Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Chattachoochee River National Recreation Area

Depicted above is one of the bridges spanning the Chattahoochee. It is December 23. Much water will pass under the bridge between now and January 5. And the waters will be troubled.

Since the election, I have pretty much sworn off polls. Maybe it’s the same with you. But if you can’t help yourself, and want to check out the Georgia runoff polling—including, Heaven forfend, the infamous exit polls—you might try William Saletan, Trump’s Coup Attempt Could Cost Republicans the Senate: Georgians want him to concede the November election. Instead, he’s planning a fight in Congress just as they go to the polls.

The headline writer, alas, did not read the actual article. Because, of course, a great many Georgians do want Dear Leader to fight on and on, and do anything but concede the election. But the rubber meets the road in the last few sentences of Mr. Salaten’s article, where he writes,

Most Georgians, including more than a quarter of those who voted for Loeffler or Perdue in November, oppose the congressional fight Trump and his allies are preparing. These are law-and-order voters. They don’t want a crisis or a coup. If the GOP loses even a fraction of them, it will lose the Senate.


And it gets better.

Just after the covid relief bill passed, and just before Orange Man threw his hissy fit, Perdue and Loeffler were gearing up to flood the Peach State’s airwaves with the message of how that had, singlehandedly, or maybe doublehandedly, showered suffering Georgians with gazillions in federal largess, to ease their pain and suffering.

It was right then when Dear Leader blew a gasket. It was then when he let us all know that the covid relief bill–that would be the bill that Purdue and Loeffler had heroically and doublehandedly pushed through Congress–was in fact a “great disgrace.”

Now, these two selfless Republican public servants must either

  • Vote to override a potential veto by Dear Leader, thus riling up the more rabid among the Trump cultists in Georgia and endangering further Trump endorsement of their candidacies, or
  • Vote not to override Dear Leader’s potential veto, which will let Ossoff and Warnock tell the story about how Loeffler and Perdue hate, hate, hate the idea of Georgians getting federal relief.

And, to put the maraschino cherry on top of the cake, there is the little matter of whether Purdue and Loeffer will put hands on hearts and promise to try their damndest on January 6 to overturn that pesky November election. 

Or not.

As the song says, hell’s broke loose in Georgia. Like the fiddle player in the song, Purdue and Loeffler have bet their souls. We will see whether or not they win the golden fiddle.

As the water continue to flow under the bridge over the Chattahoochee River.