Kraken Up

Dear Leader’s breakdown continues apace. See, for example, WaPo, Trump assembles a ragtag crew of conspiracy-minded allies in flailing bid to reverse election loss.

Among the ragtaggiest of all is Sidney Powell, who was part of the big meeting on Friday, and who was at the White House again today.

Pollyanna called to remind me that this would be the same Sidney Powell who wants Georgia voters to boycott the January 5 runoffs. See, for example, Huffpost, Ex-Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell Urges Georgia Voters To Boycott Runoff Elections: Appearing at a “Stop the Steal” rally, the conservative firebrand implied once again that the state’s voting machines are not trustworthy.

The principal reason why Dear Leader might want to continue supporting Perdue and Loeffler is that Mitch McConnell yearns for that support.

But Mitch McConnell is failing Dear Leader. Bigly.

So, why should Dear Leader want to keep on doing Mitch McConnell any favors? Why, indeed, would he not want to screw Mitch McConnell six ways from Sunday?

Especially with his new best friend Sidney Powell whispering in his shell-like ear, reminding him that Georgia cannot hold free and fair elections?

And how better for Dear Leader to stick it to old Moscow Mitch than to tell Georgia voters that they might as well stay home on January 5?