A Short, Nine Step Microeconomic Analysis of the Highly Lucrative Market for the Consumption of Political Bullshit

Some fundamental principles, and their application to the relevant market:

  1. Just as live will evolve to fill any ecological niche capable of supporting life, so suppliers will arise to supply any demand that will engender the possibility of profit.
  2. There is a very large demand in our country from people who want to listen to lies about liberals and progressives. Because of the size of the customer base, the market has the potential to generate wealth beyond the dreams of avarice.
  3. Just like the market for whiskey or the market for opioids, the market for political lies is highly lucrative. And for largely the same reason: the customers are addicted to the product.
  4. Until recently, Donald Trump and Fox News have largely monopolized this market.
  5. But, in principle, entry conditions should be relatively easy. Any knave or fool can create a website. And even the creation of a TV network is no big deal, in the great scheme of things. Just look at the channel lineup on your premium cable service.
  6. As and when Donald Trump descends further into madness, he and Fox will lose their monopolistic dominance of the political bullshit market. Competitors will begin to come out of the woodwork. Like flies to a pile of shit, the huge potential profits will draw them in.
  7. To gain customers, the new entrants—and the market incumbents who are seeking additional market share—will differentiate their products. Just like Jack Daniels and Wild Turkey compete in the whiskey market by making their products taste different, and varying the strength of the booze.
  8. Over time, product differentiation in the political bullshit market will tend toward, not one alternative reality, but a number of competing alternative realities.
  9. In consequence of the foregoing, the 25 or 30 percent of our population who appear to be batshit crazy will divide themselves into different forms of craziness, and the danger posed by their adherence to alternative forms of reality will somewhat diminish.