Today’s Read: A Tiger Ride on January 6

N.Y. Times, Trump Allies Eye Long-Shot Election Reversal in Congress, Testing Pence: Some House Republicans plan to try to use Congress’s tallying of electoral results on Jan. 6 to tip the election to President Trump. The attempt will put Republicans in a pinch.

There is a lot going on today. As I wrote an hour of so ago, the Georgia Supreme Court has shitcanned Dear Leader, and we are awaiting results from the Wisconsin Supreme Court, which has some really crazy justices. Do they want to join the 55 courts that have shown Orange Man the door, or do they want to make it 56 to 1?

Meanwhile, Trump has told two Big Lies. Big Lie Number One is “I won the election by a lot.” Big Lie Number Two is “I am going to fight in the courts, and I am going to win.”

It is interesting to watch the weekend Facebook posts from a few of the more deranged among my high school class of long ago. They appear to continue to accept Big Lie Number One, but even the most simpleminded among them are coming to doubt Big Lie Number Two. Their logic is that all the judges in the United States must have sold their souls to Satan. 

An alternative logical explanation might be: if Big Lie Number Two is in fact a big lie, then maybe Big Lie Number One is also a big lie. I think that in time, a few current members of the Trump Cult may come around to that logic, but perhaps I am too optimistic. 

Anywho, the article I cite above shows how, on January 6, Republican senators and congresspersons will have a golden opportunity to show whether they, too, along with all those Federalist Society judges and justices, have sold their souls to Satan.

It also shows how the inevitable result on January 6 will be: Satan, 1; Jesus, zero.