Weekend Legal Whack-a-Mole

Late yesterday, the United States Supreme Court told attorneys for the Trump Cult to take their briefs, fold them five ways, and shove them into a place where the sun don’t shine.

Logically, Dear Leader’s next step would be to cry havoc, let loose the dogs of war, and encourage his minions to go out and assassinate some Biden electors. Instead, he has decided to play legal whack-a-mole this weekend.  (Both Orange Man and Rudy have damned the Supreme Court to hell, but I haven’t heard tell of an exhortations to violence—as yet.)

In a few minutes, the Wisconsin Supreme Court will hear oral argument on whether it would be a good idea to throw out the votes of about 200,000 Black folks.

The Trumpster is also seeking emergency relief this weekend from the Georgia Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, up in Michigan, on Friday that state’s Supreme Court shitcanned a Trump Cult emergency appeal. I don’t know whether counsel for the Cult will take another whack at the piñata today ior tomorrow.

The Google machine doesn’t know anything about any similar gambit in Pennsylvania.

The electors will meet on Monday and vote, provided no one shoots them first. And what happens then?

Number One. Once cultists wrap their heads around the fact that the courts are just not going to give them what they want, I assume they will decide that all the judges in the United States, including all the rightwing judges, have joined the conspiracy against Trump.

That epiphany will cause individual cultists either to (a) crawl back under the rocks from whence they recently emerged or (b) resort to fascist violence.

Number Two. Going forward, it will be clear to all concerned that the Republican Party favors racial dictatorship over democracy.

And that their Very Least Favorite Thing is to see a line of Black folks standing in front of a polling location.

Number Three. I have long said that Trump’s base ought to be concered that Trump is such an incompetent jerk that he gives racism a bad name.

Now, we have come to a pass where, even the simplest simpleton should begin to realize that Trump is such an incompetent jerk that he gives fascist dictatorship a bad name.