While We Await the Supreme Court’s Disposition of A.G. Paxton’s Lawsuit, Here’s a Musical Interlude from Mrs. A.G. Paxton

What a lovely couple!

Hope You Enjoyed That—Now for a Message from Pollyanna

Pollyanna’s favorite piece this morning is Daniel McGraw, How Three Counties Can Help Us Understand Trump’s Shellacking.

I’m glad she liked it, though it was a little too chirpy for my taste. But let me say this about that.

We have known for a long time—and I have harped on the point ad nauseam—that the Republican voting base is comprised of about two thirds to three quarters Trump cultists, and about one third to one quarter folks with piss poor values, who yet retain some connection with reality.

It follows, as the night the day, that the secret to Democratic success is to engineer a situation in which these two Republican factions are at one another’s throats. Or, failing effective strategy on our part, just to stand by and watch Dear Leader do the job for us.

Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan (R-GA) has wrapped his mind around the prospect of impending, catastrophic Republican disunity. This insight has made him shit his pants, and inspired his appearance on the PBS Newshour last night, where he implored his fellow Republicans to wake up, smell the coffee, and stop acting like rubes. Otherwise, he intimated, Georgia Republicans can well and truly kiss Cobb and Gwinnett Counties goodbye.

And that’s a problem, because, while there are a whole lot of poor farmers out in the Georgia boonies who just love them some Dear Leader, there aren’t enough of them to carry the state, without help from the other one quarter of the present Republican base.