Pretty Please with Sugar on Top, Supreme Court, Would You Please Overthrow the Constitutional Republic?


Yesterday was Safe Harbor Day. Next Monday, five days from today, the electors will meet and cast their ballots. And the state of Texas, now joined by other states, has asked the Supreme Court to order the legislatures of Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin to disregard the voters of those states and, instead, to name electors who will vote for Trump, thus overthrowing democracy in the United states and establishing a Dictatorship of the Idiocriat.

Some in the Republican political class have endorsed this effort, some have opposed, and the majority have tried to weasel out of taking a position. In Georgia, all around the cobbler’s bench the monkey has chased the weasels. Mr. Perdue and Ms. Loeffler have demonstrated their version of profiles in courage, with the following carefully parsed weasel words:

Actually, the Redress of Grievances Clause of the First Amendment guarantees a broad constitutional right to bring legal actions, but that right does not extend to lawsuits that are sham, i.e., objectively baseless. But perhaps that is a technicality, of little interest to the average Georgia Trump supporter.

But no matter. This Hail Mary pass will fail. It will fall well short of the raised ams of Touchdown Jesus.

When he loses in the Supreme Court, Trump will damn to hell the entire federal judiciary, and most especially the three Supreme Court justices he appointed.

 While he’s at it, he will also damn to hell every Republican office holder who does not come out in full-throated affirmation of electoral fantasy.

And so, Mr. Perdue and Ms. Loeffler will have a choice to make. Will they admit that Trump had his chance in court and he crapped out? Or will they weasel?