Kelly Loeffler Stabs Trump in the Back, Refuses to Acknowledge that Dear Leader Won the Election and is the Victim of the Greatest Fraud in the History of Mankind

Actually, I am not sure whether the critter on the stage was the senator or an automaton with very long hair—who spoke with programmed lines sufficient for about fifteen minutes, but insufficient for continued repetition over the course of an hour.

In any event, maybe this performance will satisfy the true nutjobs on the Georgia right, or maybe it won’t. I’m guessing that it won’t.

Given every opportunity to agree that the election in general, and the election in Georgia, in particular, were purloined by a demonic conspiracy, she manfully failed to concede the point. If you are fine with that position, then presumably you are also fine with the recognition that Dear Leader’s pants are on fire. I am sure that some portion of Republican voters in Georgia will be OK with that view. But the nutjobs are legion, and I really don’t think they are going to take this lying down.