The Day Dear Leader Earned a Platinum Sombrero

Politico, Donald Trump’s Brutal Day in Court:

President Donald Trump and his legal allies earned a platinum sombrero Friday, striking out five times in a matter of hours in states pivotal to the president’s push to overturn the election results — and losing a sixth in Minnesota for good measure.

It was another harsh milestone in a monthlong run of legal futility, accompanied by sharp rebukes from county, state and federal judges who continue to express shock at the Trump team’s effort to simply scrap the results of an election he lost. Several of the most devastating opinions, both Friday and in recent weeks, have come from conservative judges and, in some federal cases, Trump appointees.

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Meanwhile, Diogenes Strikes Out 223 Times with the House Republican Caucus

It is fashionable to remark on the craven cowardice of the folks, and of the grave threat to democracy their cowardice poses. All true.

But permit me to observe that the 221 Republican ostriches fear not only the batshit crazy part of their constitutencies, but also the more rational part as well. If they feared only the batshit crazy, then there would presumably be some 223 of them resolutely declaring that Biden stole the election.

And—to take the analysis one step further—to me, the 221 cowering cowards portend the split I have long anticipated among the rightwing part of our fellow Mericans. The split that will leave two warring factions, each large, but each too small to win very many elections. 

By the way, I shared a draft of this post with Pollyanna, and she congratulated me for a correct application of her Glad Game.