Trump Will Speak Tomorrow in Valdosta, Georgia

Valdosta is a city of about 56,000 people—about 42 percent of whom are White—located in southern Georgia, not far from the Georgia line. Median household income is $32,000. Its major economic activity is producing lumber, turpentine, and tobacco. Trump will speak at the Valdosta Regional Airport. Some south Georgians look forward to the event, but others—Spud Bowen, for example, do not:

Spud Bowen of Tifton, owner of Spud Bowen and Associates and a Republican, said he won’t be attending the rally because of COVID-19. He regularly looks after his elderly parents.

“It will be good for the rally if it’s about Perdue and Kelley Loeffler and how we need to go vote but I am certainly not in the mood to hear any more name calling,” Bowen said. “Discussions have gone out of the window now if you don’t agree with folks and that’s both sides.”

Bowen said he would like to see Democrats and Republicans mend the division and have civil discussions regardless of initial thoughts and beliefs.

But, he added, few people are having civil conversations.

Spud’s concerns are shared by others. See, for example, Washington Post, Trump, Pence head to Georgia as election fraud claims risk depressing Senate runoff turnout.

Producing square circles is never easy to do, even for more accomplished rhetoricians than Dear Leader. Will he succeed in persuading Republicans to come out in January and vote in a rigged election, overseen by a Secretary of State turned traitor to the Republican cause? An election in which all the voting machines switch Republican votes to Democratic?:

Will he even try to make the case? If he does, what arguments will he advance?

Enquiring Minds Want to Know.