Two Things This Morning

Thing One

Bill Hogseth, Why Democrats Keep Losing Rural Counties Like Mine: I’m the chair of the local Democratic Party in a Wisconsin county that Donald Trump won. It wasn’t for a lack of progressive organizing. It was because national Democrats have failed communities like min.

The unfortunately named Mr. Hogseth has a compelling story to tell, and I really do recommend you give it a read. His thesis is that you will drive a stake in the heart of Trumpism by aggressive action to address the economic problems of rural America. To support the thesis, he has a lot of things to say about the economic problems of rural America, and, in particular, the economic problems of the rural American county whose Democratic Party he chairs.

I just wish he had more to say about the phenomenology of Trumpism. In other words, I wish he had more information on what all those swing voters who swung to Trump in 2020 gave as their reasons for making that decision.

Still and all, I think it’s a very useful piece. 

Thing Two

In this morning’s second recommended read, a well-known Washington Post opinion writer opines,

With reports that a cat will be joining President-elect Joe Biden in the White House, rumors are afoot as to what qualified feline will soon be sitting in the lap of power, before jumping off the lap of power and going to knock things off the mantelpiece of power. The ideal Biden cat will be experienced and reflect America in some way, although given that large swaths of us have begun lashing out after being locked in the house for months, this should not be difficult.

Biden is said to be leaning toward a cat who is already a familiar household name, leading some Republican senators to accuse him of witchcraft and pledge not to approve his nominee, because they stopped reading this sentence at the word “familiar.”