Known Unknowns

Jennifer Rubin usefully reminds us that

  • right now, our knowledge of the demographics of the Trump vote is very limited.
  • if you continue to rely on exit polls the draw conclusions about the Trump vote, your are not a fool; rather, you are a damn fool, and
  • in a couple of years, when the political scientists have fully done their work, we will know a lot more.

Emily Badger, writes in the New York Times on the topic Most Republicans Say They Doubt the Election. How Many Really Mean It? Her headline writer tries manfully, but doesn’t quite succeed, in capturing the essence of this extended poli sci thumbsucker on what seems to be going on in Republicans’ noggins and/or what shit might or might not be floating through their crania.

There is, in case you are wondering, some good news, and quite a bit of bad news too. The good news and the bad news go well beyond the polls saying that three quarters of Trump voters think Democrats stole the election. 

There is, for example, a non-trivial slice of the Republican electorate who bloody well know Trump lost the election but want him to stage a coup anyway. 

This unwelcome information is probably not a surprise to you.