I Enumerate No Embryonic Poultry, But the Good News from Georgia Just Keeps Coming


Nancy LeTourneau, Trump’s Enablers are Sabotaging the Georgia Senate Runoff Election—and Helping Democrats

CNBC, Republican pollster: Trump’s false ‘rigged’ election claims may hurt GOP chances of keeping Senate

Putting aside the Trump voters who will be affirmatively persuaded to stay at home, to spite the Republican nominees for being insufficiently subservient to Dear Leader. Think about the folks who, if they voted, would vote for the Republican senatorial candidates. Here is the argument being made to them:

You must come out and vote

    • in January,
    • at the tippy-top of the pandemic season,
    • at a time when your Dear Leader is being ignominiously pushed out of the White House,
    • in an election where the people you trust are all telling you that the voting machines are yielding false results, because the Republican governor has joined a Democratic conspiracy, and, by the way,
    • whatever you do, don’t vote by mail, because them damn mail-in votes are riggedest votes of all.

So, Georgia Republican Establishment, How’s that Faustian Bargain Workin’ Out for Ya?