Time to Call Out the Mobs

Trump has lost the election, he has struck out in court, and he is probably going to make a fool of himself trying to get Republican state legislatures to pretend to select Republican electors even though the people chose Democratic electors to represent them in the Electoral College.

Why is he doing these things?

Is he delusional? Is this all part out a carefully crafted plan to establish a new TV network and steal viewers from Faux News?

I asked my friend Occam.

Occam helpfully responded that the most parsimonious explanation, and therefore the go-to explanation, is that Trump is just riven with fear of successful criminal prosecution after he leaves office.

When you are desperate, you do what you feel you have to do. Even if it’s ridiculous. Even if it’s wicked. Even if it’s pretty much doomed to failure.

What’s Trump’s Next Move, Then?

Trump’s logical next move is to call out the mobs.

As Shakespeare almost said,

Trump’s spirit, ranging for revenge,
With Rudy by his side come hot from hell,
Shall in these confines with a monarch’s voice
Cry “Havoc,” and let slip the dogs of war.