As Tectonic Plates Collide

Dr. Aardvark and I have been watching a geology series on The Great Courses, and we have learned a lot about plate tectonics. When plates collide, bad things happened.

Six years or so ago, the Republican Party had a choice between (a) changing its messaging to attempt to appeal to a majority of the voters, from a center-right perspective or (b) embracing White grievance and cultural nostalgia.

The chose option (b).

The consequences of that decision are now fully manifesting themselves. Having lost the election, having failed to discover credible evidence of wrongdoing in the counting of the votes, and having uniformly struck out in courts, they are, as of today, trying to prevail on state legislatures to overturn the will of the people in their states, and thus to embrace dictatorship and reject a republican form of government.

The plates are colliding. The volcanoes are erupting. And we will see how it all works out.