Does Truth Even Matter Anymore?

The talking heads this week are furrowing their brows and asking, in stentorian tones, “Does truth even matter anymore?”

One might have thought the answer would be bleeding obvious. But, in case you are having some difficulty with the issue, I would like to supply the answer.

And the answer is: Yes, truth still matters—and it matters even to those who have persuaded themselves that it doesn’t matter.

Truth Matters: Example One

In a worsening pandemic, if Republicans make a point of behaving recklessly while Democrats make a point of behaving responsibly, then Republicans will die in much greater numbers than Democrats.

I leave it to you to decide how you feel about that.

But however you feel about it, Republicans will in fact die in much greater numbers than Democrats. 

Deaths will be especially high among Republicans who believe the pandemic is a hoax and that precautions do not matter. They will suffer the same fate as the soldiers in the Boxer Rebellion who thought their magic made them immune to bullets.


Truth Matters: Example Two

Trump has won the Electoral College by 306 to 232. To reverse that situation, Trump would have to persuade the courts to overrule the voters’ decision in three states, to wit,  Pennsylvania plus  any two of Arizona, Georgia, and Wisconsin