The Moving Finger Writes, and Having Writ, Moves On

All seriousness aside, Biden won Georgia mainly because Stacey Abrams and her merry band got out the vote, and because Atlanta’s suburbs have turned blue, and most of their inhabitants upchuck whenever they think of the Orange Man.

Trump came as close as he did to winning in Georgia because several hundred thousand MAGAheads, who had not voted in 2016, let alone in prior years, were juiced up and turned out to vote for Dear Leader in the November election.

Georgia’s two current senators, Purdue and Leoffler, have shown a touching faith in the idiocy of their base. That faith may yet be crowned with a senatorial reward. But, maybe not. Particularly if Dear Leader retains his laserlike focus on himself in the next two months.

We don’t know. But what we may say with reasonable assurance is that a hell of a lot of water will flow through the Chattahoochee between now and January 5.

And, as the man said, you can never step in the same river twice.