Will Democracy Die in Georgia?

Robert Costa, national political reporter for WaPo and moderator of Washington Week in Review, sums up the situation.

Thus, it was apparently Moscow Mitch’s idea to have the two senators from Georgia issue this statement:

Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State responded:

You will notice that Purdue and Loeffler did not cite any purported evidence of “fraud” that might suffice to mislead an exceedingly gullible person.

Nor did they cite any clearly bogus “evidence.”

No—in apparent reliance on the legal principle res ipsa loquitur, “the thing speaks for itself”—they hung their hats on the assertion that when Black people vote for their opponents in Fulton and DeKalb Counties, there is necessarily fraud, because Black Lives Don’t Matter and Black Votes Don’t Matter and Black folks voting in significant numbers IS fraud.

And that when White people in Cobb and Gwinnett Counties vote Democratic, their votes don’t count either, because they are Democrats. Because, just because.

And that the duly elected Republican Secretary of State must resign, because he is running a fair election.

Diogenes has visited Georgia Republican headquarters, and has found one honest man.

Can’t have any of that.

Meanwhile, as of this hour, Biden leads Trump in Georgia by 12,291 votes. And the number of votes earned by David Purdue (2,457,850), exceeds Trump’s Georgia vote by 783 votes and trails Joe Biden in Georgia by 11,508 votes.

Suppressing the Democrats? Juicing Up the Yahoos?

Getting all the Georgia Democrats back to the polls in January will be  problematic, but spitting in their eye would not seem, on the face of things, a tactic likely to discourage them from voting. So Moscow Mitch and his munchkins are apparently trying to juice up the yahoos. I don’t know whether that will work. I am sure that there will be some polling, and that—once burned, twice shy—I will pay not attention to it.

But let’s look at some data. Orange Man’s 2020 Georgia voters exceeded his 2016 voters by 367,963 souls. Pretty impressive juicing, doncha think?

In 2016, Trump won 50.44 percent of the Georgia franchise, whereas this year, he has earned 49.3 percent.

On the face of things, one may hazard the conclusion that Georgia yahoos in 2020 are about as juiced up as they are going to get.

In Conclusion: A Fun Fact

My foreign correspondent has advised that Löffel ( or Loeffel, if you can’t find the umlaut on your keyboard) is German for spoon.

Loeffler, therefore is one who spoons—a spooner.

Let us use our new vocabulary word in a sentence: “Senator Loeffer enjoys spooning with Mitch McConnell.”