The Current Crisis

Jonathan V. Last, A Crisis Is Unfolding, Right Now: Don’t be folled; we’re on the knife’s edge.

We Americans continue—and with good reason—to grieve for our country.

I commend Mr. Last’s take on the looming crisis, and have the following additional thoughts.

Just over a month from now, on December 14, the members of the Electoral College will meet at their appointed places and cast their official votes for president. Unless someone disrupts the Biden Bandwagon, 306 electors will show up and vote for Biden, and he will officially be elected president.

What—canvassing all metaphysical possibilities—might prevent this from happening?

Three things.

One, the Supreme Court, acting in response to litigation brought in multiple states—some combination of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin—might issue multiple injunctions overturning the election results in multiple states.

Or two, the Republican legislatures of multiple states, pretending in accordance with their powers under Article II, Section 1, Clause 2 of the Constitution, might purport to appoint electors for Donald Trump, even though the majority of votes in that state were cast for Joe Biden.

Or three, a military coup is yet a third metaphysical possibility.

Any of these three events would trigger a constitutional crisis, and could well lead to the end of democracy in the United States

What Will Actually Happen Between Now and December 14?

The lawsuits will fail, and it will become increasingly clear that they are failing.

Immense pressure will build on Republican legislators in states that voted for Biden. A civil war among Republicans has already broken out in Georgia. It will spread to other states, and it will be, at least metaphorically speaking, bloody.

What Will Actually Happen Between December 14 and January 20?

Orange Man will leave, or he will try to stage a coup.