Winter is Coming

I turned on the teevee a couple of hours ago and, to my surprise, I heard something insightful from the talking heads. At least, that was my impression.

The talking heads were talking about the topic of the day: how come so many folks wound up voting for trump. The thesis they advanced was that Trump had

  • succeeding in gaslighting them into believing that there was a dichotomy between protecting health and reopening the economy, and that,
  • many of them thought they were compelled to take the opening-the-economy “choice”—and thus to vote for the Orange Man.

And, obviously, belief in that false “choice” is typically aligned with the specious claim that the pandemic is somehow a hoax.

As I said, I thought the analysis was pretty compelling.

But here’s the thing.

Winter is coming.

The pandemic is spiraling out of control. As the coffins pile up, Uncle Joe will do his best to get the situation under control. But the Know Nothings and their elected leaders will probably do everything they can to spread the virus.

And the coffins will pile still higher.

Come the spiring, I think the problem of excess Trumpists in the population will be on its way toward amelioration.

I will mourn them. I will weep for them. But if they are bound and determined to drink the Kool Aid, there isn’t much I can do to stop them.