Our National Tragedy Continues

At this day and hour, I still think Biden will probably win. But it is clear that, once again, the pollsters have let us down, badly. 

I do not hyperventilate over the fact that, between 2:00 AM and 3:00 AM this morning, before a crowd of massless individuals at the White House, Trump claimed victory, demanded that the counting stop—except in Arizona—and threatened to bring baseless litigation and take it to the Supreme Court. There is one golden thread that runs through everything Trump says: it is all bullshit, all the time. So tonight Trump spouted more bullshit. And somewhere, a dog was biting a man.

So, no surprise about Trump’s bullshit. The surprise lies in the insatiable appetite for Trump’s bullshit shown by almost half our population. In the face of the pandemic, that insatiable appetite is astounding. 

We needed a resounding repudiation of Trumpism. We thought we were probably going to get it. But we got no such thing. 

Our Republic was founded on the expectation that the common man and woman could behave reasonably, and thus be capable of collective self-government.

After 240 years, has that string just about played out?