Morning FAQa

Trump says he is going to the Supreme Court to get an order to stop Pennsylvania and other states from counting all the lawfully cast ballots. Has his legal team made any such legal move, as of this morning?

Apparently not. The Trump stop-the-counting! “legal” argument should be distinguished from other, slightly less implausible, legal claims asserted by Trump’s lawyers in Pennsylvania, Nevada, and elsewhere. Those claims are being pursued, but not, apparently, as of this hour, any request for injunctive relief against counting the votes that were cast according to state law in Pennsylvia, Georgia, and elsewhere.

Is it getting a little late to make any “legal” argument to stoop counting the lawfully cast ballots?

Damn straight.

What would be the consequence if Trump does make such a claim and the Supreme Court were to uphold it?

It would drive the last nail into the coffin of American democracy.

What is the biggest problem we face this morning—Trump’s late night “legal” bullshit? The counting process in the states that haven’t been called? Or the fact that almost half of our countrymen have taken leave of their senses, and have joined a death cult in the middle of an historic pandemic?

The latter.

Can the problem of Trumpism’s popularity be addressed if only Democrats “learn how to talk to rural people”?

No. If you have liver cancer, the physician cannot solve the problem by more effective messaging strategies.

What, if anything, will cure the cancer on our body politic?

I don’t know. But what I do know for sure is that properly understanding the nature and extent of the cancer on the body politic is a necessary condition to solving the problem.

I didn’t say a sufficient condition. I said a necessary condition.

By the end of the week, will we probably have a much better understanding of the extent of the problem?

Yes, we probably will. But we still won’t have a really good fix on the underlying causes, or at least I won’t. Racism and cultural resentment are very bad things, but they do not necessarily impel someone to go out and join a death cult.

If and when we ever get a better fix on America’s outbreak of mass irrationality, will there be any fix for it?

Maybe or maybe not. You have to take things step by logical step. But a clear-minded, ruthlessly honest assessment of the problem of Trumpism is a prerequisite for any fix for the prevalence of Trumpism, and for the ongoing mortal threat of Trumpism to American democracy.