It’s the Women, Stupid

More than 90 million Americans —  a record number — have already voted ahead of November 3, surpassing the number of people who voted early in 2016 by more than 32 million. And more women are voting than men in key battleground states.  

In Pennsylvania, for example, women accounted for 57 percent of the absentee and early voting ballots, according to data from Decision Desk HQ, which tracks election results. In Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Iowa, Georgia, Maine, Minnesota and North Carolina, they accounted for 56 percent. In Texas and Florida, women make up 55 percent of early voters.

Colleen Loper, director of political strategy at Way to Win, a progressive organization dedicated to campaign funding, said women voters have basically doubled their participation in 2020 when compared to 2016.

“The numbers are insane,” Loper said. “I’ve been working in politics in Texas, Nevada, Florida, nationally and nobody has ever seen numbers like these … I think this election is a referendum and people are not willing to not speak up.” 

“There’s a through-line about women being more engaged,” Loper said. “And I think how it’s affecting us as we are gaining more political power.”

The gender gap between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden has swelled to double digits in some key battleground states, favoring Biden, with suburban and rural White women voters in the spotlight.