Just Keep Driving, Orange Man, Just Keep on Driving

I enjoyed Alexandra Petri’s column yesterday. It begins this way:

“By the way, nice trucks. You think I could hop into one of them and drive it away. I’d love to just drive the hell out of here. Just get the hell out of this. I had such a good life. My life was great.” 

He got into the truck. He was always getting into trucks and pretending to drive them and at first he only pretended to drive but then he thought why should I only pretend to drive, why shouldn’t I just drive, just get the hell out of this, and he twisted the key in the ignition and suddenly he was going.

The crowd in the rearview mirror got smaller and smaller until it was only about the size the media was always saying it was, not the size he knew it to be, and then it disappeared altogether. He was in his truck and he was driving down the highway. He was getting the hell out of this and going back to his good life, waiting for him somewhere at the end of the road.

If interested, check on the whole thing for yourself.

And, by the way, the views of sardonic columnists aside, I still think that, when he loses, he’s just going to ge the hell out of Dodge.

But not before a few really harsh tweets about the faithlessness of the rubes, who voted for him, but just not in large enough numbers.