Further Enumeration of the Embryonic Poultry

One can only count so many unhatched chickens in one day, and I feel I have just about reached my daily limit. That said, early voting—and, most especially, early voting by young people—appears to be playing a vital role in this election. So … if you would like to count some more fetal chicks today, please check out these sources, and count them for yourself:

NBC News, Young voters in swing states are a big part of the early surge. That could boost Biden.

U.S. Election Project, Early Voting Continues at a Record Pace

George Will also has a few astringent observations to share with you as well, including a reference to Vachel Lindsay’s poetic observations on the record-shattering election of 1900. His poem is called “Bryan, Bryan, Bryan, Bryan,” and you are welcome to read it here.