The Difference Between Democrats and Republicans

In Case You Were Wondering

Nancy LeTourneau explains:

Josh Holmes, a McConnell advisor, … lamented that every news development activates Democrats, and “their default is to give $5 every time something angers them.” Conversely, when Republicans see something that angers them, “their response is to write something on Facebook.”  …

[P]erhaps the biggest obstacle Republicans face in replicating the Democrats’ success at small-donor fundraising is that, especially in the era of Donald Trump, their supporters think that winning is all about “owning the libs.” Just like their leader, they assume that a brutal attack on Twitter or Facebook is the end-goal because it feeds their emotional need for revenge. That’s a loser mentality that goes a long way towards explaining how Democrats are “owning the cons.”


Greetings to today’s readers (so far), who come from Canada, France, Germany, Kenya, India, Nigeria, South Africa, Sweden, and the United States. Here in the Disunited States of America, the big debate takes place in about an hour. If you live in another country, and have the chance to watch the show, it should provide many enlightening and instructive points on how not to run a democracy.