Lessons About Masculinity, Learned Far Too Late

Young man in pain.

Tragically, it is only now, in the midst of my eighth decade of life, that I have learned from Donald Trump that True Masculinity is best demonstrated by unmitigated whining about one’s unfair treatment by one and all.

If only I had become aware of this truth earlier in my life! Think of the excuses I could have made! Think of the infinite pleasure I could have derived from my victimhood!

The Commission on Presidential Debates has grossly mistreated El Caudillo. CBS News ha victimized him unmercifully. Tomorrow evening, he faces another shellacking at the hands of that terrifying witch, Kristin Welker.  

Last time, when he showed up at a debate, he took a drubbing at the polls. Possibly, this was related to his asshole jerk routine.

This week, Orange Man has a golden opportunity to demonstrate his superabundant masculinity but just cutting and running from Thursday night’s scheduled debate.

And, clearly, that would be his best bet, politically.

One hopes, nonetheless, that he will show up and act like a crybaby in the midst of an uncontrollable tantrum.

It will be a sight to see.

Provided he actually shows up.