The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters

Max Boot’s Question of the Day

Max Boot, who was apparently searching around for a topic ot write about, poses this rhetorical question, How can 42 percent of Americans still support the worst president in our history? His answer—which has a certain dog-bites-man feel about it—is that they are all watching Fox News and reading tweets from the nutjob cousins. Mr. Boot ends by quoting the painter Goya for the proposition quoted in the headline of this post.

Aardvark’s Question of the Day

If, as we hear over and over, Trump is tanking among the women, tanking among the college educated, tanking among the seniors, and losing ground among non-college white males, then who are the 4l.0 percent of the voters who still plan to vote for him? It’s a bit of a mystery.

Meanwhile, in West Virginia—a Little Statistical Perspective

A little statistical perspective here. Writing in my inbox this morning, Jonathan V. Last allows as how Trump is going to win West Virginia. Current polling shows him up by 23 percent.

But, in 2016, he won West Virginia by 42 points.

For the math challenged, that means he’s lost 19 points of support in the preceding four years.

Guess who those 19 percent of West Virginians are.

Another Fun Comparison

Just for fun, I did the same comparison for Alabama.

2016: Trump by 28 points over Clinton.

2020 polling (per poll averages): Trump up by 18 points.

One in ten 2016 Alabama Trump voters have now decided that they are tired of so much winning.

One in ten have had about as much fun as a human being can stand.

One in ten have just had enough of the Orange Man.


The sleep of reason does produce monsters, but the sleepers are slowing waking up.