Two Recommended Reads for Today, Or, Here’s a Howdy-do

Tim Alberta, 3 More Funny Feelings About 2020

The three more funny feelings:

  1. These yard signs are telling us something.
  2. Turnout is going to make historians do a double take.
  3. A Biden blowout will divorce Trump from the GOP establishment—and quickly.

Christopher Ingraham, New research explores authoritarian mind-set of Trump’s core supporters: Data reveal high levels of anti-democratic beliefs among many of the president’s backers, who stand to be a potent voting bloc for years to come

Nothing surprising or shocking here—but a good explanation, with actual data, about the cultists’ mindset. Post based on the new book Authoritarian Nightmare by John W. Dean and Bob Altmeyer.

Alberta, Meet Ingraham; Ingraham, Meet Alberta

Alberta thinks—as do I, for what it may be worth—that there will probably be a Biden blowout, followed by loud bellowing from the West Wing, followed by a conspicuous failure by the empty-suited Republican types to endorse a Trump coup.

So far, so good.

But in the future, who is going to lead all those raving authoritarians?

There’s a fine howdy-do.