He May be an Adulterer, But He’s OUR Adulterer

Politico, Poll: Cunningham leads in North Carolina after affair revelations:

Democrat Cal Cunningham continues to hold a lead in the North Carolina Senate race this week and has not dropped in public polling after recent revelations of an extramarital affair.

Cunningham led GOP Sen. Thom Tillis, 48 percent to 44 percent, among registered voters, according to a new survey from Monmouth University released Tuesday, maintaining an edge despite high awareness of his affair, with few voters viewing his indiscretion as disqualifying for him to serve.

Mr. Cunningham was found to have been stupping a married woman named Arlene, described as a “California-based public relations strategist.” He appears to have taken some sage “public relations strategy” from his inamorata: when asked if there were any other bimbo eruptions on the horizon, Mr. Cunningham wisely declined to comment.

The voters of North Carolina wisely declined to give a shit.