From the Morning Inbox: Jacked Up on Steroids, Straining to Breathe

Charlie Sykes writes,

It was a fiasco for the ages; a bizarre episode that Tim Miller calls “The Weirdest 90 Seconds in Presidential History.”

So we get a madman, his face pancaked under a 2mm coat of orange powder, jacked up on steroids, straining to breathe—and not caring a whit about those around him.

And I’ve got to hand it to him: Trump nails that image.

It also came at a moment when his presidency appeared to be coming apart at the seams. 

Welcome to the Countdown Journal; There are 28 days until Election Day, and then another 78 days until the Inauguration.

We wake up to some stunning polls: a new CNN/SSRS poll finds Joe Biden leading Trump by 16 points — 57% to 41%. The poll “was conducted entirely after the first debate and mostly after the President’s coronavirus infection was made public.” The survey is full of bad news for the president: “69% of Americans said they trusted little of what they heard from the White House about the President’s health, with only 12% saying they trusted almost all of it.” 

The CNN poll may well be an outlier, but it is consistent with a slew of other surveys showing a stable, and perhaps growing, Biden lead. The FiveThirtyEight average has Biden’s lead at 8.8%; the RealClearPolitics average now has Biden up by 9.2%.

This comes the day after the NYT/Siena poll found Biden leading by 8 points in Arizona and just days after the poll found Biden up in both Pennsylvania and FloridaA new Michigan poll has Biden opening up a 9 point lead there. And, weirdly enough, Trump’s team has pulled its ads out of Ohio and Iowa, even though the polls show a close race in both states. Reports CNN: “It’ll be his third consecutive week without television ads in Iowa and Ohio.” 

How bad are things out there for the Orange God King? We’re talking about Texas again. 

Trump is still leading there, but the Biden folks just made a $6 million advertising buy for the last four weeks of the race in a state that should not be on anyone’s radar this late in the campaign.