How the Hell Would You Know the Difference? Part the Second

A friend has shared the above image, depicting Trump’s state of mind.

From the New York Times: Nearly One-Third of Covid Patients in Study Had Altered Mental State: The hospitalized patients showed signs of deteriorating neurological function, ranging from confusion to coma-like unresponsiveness, new research indicates.

From another friend, quoting a reliable medical source:

Hail to dexamethasone! The medication works:

Psychiatric adverse effects during systemic corticosteroid therapy are common. Two large meta-analyses found that severe reactions occurred in nearly 6% of patients, and mild to moderatereactions occurred in about 28%. Although disturbances of mood, cognition, sleep, and behavior as well as frank delirium or even psychosis are possible, the most common adverse effects of short-term corticosteroid therapy are euphoria and hypomania.

Now let us get on our knees and pray:

Patients should be evaluated for any suggestion of suicidality. Among patients with corticosteroid-induced psychosis, as many as 33% experience suicidal ideation. Lewis and Smith found that 2 of 79 patients with corticosteroid-induced severe mood disturbances completed suicide. Among 150 cases of corticosteroid-induced psychosis, Bräunig et al found 26 patients with suicidality, including 15 with suicidal ideation, 8 who attempted suicide, and 3 who completed suicide.


Greetings to today’s readers, from Australia, Canada, China, India, Kenya, Mexico, Poland, Ukraine, the United States, and Vietnam. Many of you live in countries with sane leaders. Congratulations.