I’ve Got a Little List

Some Things About Which We Have No Reliable Information at All, Zip, Rien, Nada

  1. What is the present state of Trump’s health?
  2. What is Trump’s medical prognosis?

Some Things That Are Certain

  1. What is left of the White House staff cannot find its collective ass with both hands.
  2. From an enemy’s perspective, this would be a splendid time to attack the United States.

Some Things That Are Highly Likely

  1. Trump is on track to lose the election, bigly. See, e.g., Axios, Polls: Biden’s lead over Trump extends to double digits.
  2. Whatever happens to Trump, be it good or bad, his hard core base will not change their behavior vis-à-vis protecting themselves from the virus, nor will they change their opinion on the virus as a Democratic hoax or on the great wisdom Trump has shown in protecting them from the Democratic hoax, which, BTW, does not exist.