Occam Might be Wrong, This Time

In case you missed last night’s shit show, you can check out the video above.

What was Trump up to? Occam’s Explanation

The simplest explanation for Trump’s bizarre behavior is that he believed his own bullshit about Biden’s purported dementia and was trying to get under Biden’s skin, so that his opponent would have a meltdown.

Occam’s Explanation—a Humorous Footnote

The wingnuts today are circulating cutesy emails claiming that Biden’s calm and composed demeanor is proof positive that he was hopped up on drugs to a fare thee well.

What was Trump up to? Other Explanations

The talking heads are saying that Trump was trying to

  • make rational dialog look ridiculous, and thus discourage people from voting, and/or
  • prepare the public for a massive shitstorm beginning on election night.

Did Trump Help Himself in any Way Last Night?