Eight Hours Till the Debate: Some Helpful Afternoon Hints for Bed Wetters and Garment Renders

Sounds About Right to Me

Greg Sargent, When Trump attacks Biden at the debate, his scam will hit rock bottom

Well, we havew about seven hours to go, and we shall see what we shall see. But my life experience tells me that

  • lying and bluster are not effective life strategies, and that
  • for people who pursue lying and bluster as their only life strategies, the string will run out sooner or later, and that,
  • with Orange Man, the string is rapidly running out.

Biden is on a Roll

N.Y. Times, Biden leads by enough to withstand a polling misfire. New Pennsylvania polls give Biden a significant lead.

Key differences from 2016, according to the Noo Yak Times:

  • pollsters have mostly corrected their overweighting of people with college degrees,
  • there are far fewer undecided voters in 2020 than in 2016, 
  • the 2020 race is much more stable than in 2016.