It’s Morning, September 25; Time to Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Margin of Error

Trump and his enablers may take comfort that he is still within the margin of error in Georgia, Iowa, Ohio, and Texas. Very minimal comfort. Because last time around he was way ahead in those states.

Cause, Meet Effect: Part the First

Trump is telling everyone who will listen that mail-in ballots are a scam and that the election is rigged against him.

Democrats understand that every sentence out of his mouth is a lie. They understand that the election is no longer the proverbial CHOICE between Biden and Trump, nor is it the proverbial REFERENDUM on Trump alone.

No, Trump has made the election about a different CHOICE: either Trump or democracy.

This will give Democrats an additional incentive to show up and vote.

Republicans, who still believe Trump, will understand that it makes little difference whether they vote or not, because the election is already rigged; that they should not vote by mail; and that they should not vote in person, either, because of the medical risk. Therefore, Trump’s repeated statements should serve to depress the Republican vote.

Those Pro-Choice Trump Voters

This morning, the talking heads were telling us that about 20 percent of Trump voters in states like Iowa are pro-choice. These folks are probably not going to like what they will hear on Saturday afternoon.

What Could Stop Biden?

Right now, pretty much all the evidence points to Biden’s having the Big Mo. What could stop the forward momentum? Nothing readily foreseeable, I submit, except possibly a poor debate performance. Let’s all watch on Tuesday night and cheer him on.

Cause, Meet Effect: Part the Second

Orange Man seems determined to go on with the big superspreader Nuremberg rallies. Plenty of time for folks to get very sick. Plenty of time for lots of news coverage.