A Slow Rolling Constitutional Crisis, Ginned Up by President Turmpashenko

I stand by what I have said in recent posts. In essence, (1) shit-faced panic is pretty much never a useful response in any situation, especially a situation where panic is actually justified. And besides, (2) in our present proto-crisis, panic is not justified. Because President Trumpashenko is a dummkopf, and because the good guys hold many more cards than the bad guys.

As to the second point, for example, you will note that, before he rigged the recent election in Belarus, President Lukashenko did not declare repeatedly that he was going to rig the election—thus giving his opponents ample time to take protective action.

That said, it is becoming clear that the last few days have seen the beginning of a slow-motion constitutional crisis, that will reach a head in November. See, for example, Washington Post, Trump’s escalating attacks on election prompt fears of a constitutional crisis.

Grant us wisdom,

Grant us courage,

For the facing of this hour,

For the facing of this hour.